Road Trip To Achiltibuie

After a photo assignment in picturesque Ullapool, I decided to take a wee trip to Achiltibuie as the weather was so nice and it wasn’t far to travel – 10 miles as the crow flies. It’s a road I’ve been wanting to drive for a while with it’s twisting lochside views below the steep slopes of Stac Pollaidh before making it’s way down to Achiltibuie on the shores of Badentarbet Bay.

As time goes, I should have been on the road back to Glasgow, but with clear blue skies above an extended trip was in order. The days and what felt like weeks prior to this assignment ‘The Great Scottish Summer‘ had been a bit of a washout to say the least. Anyway, photo work finished it was time to hit the road.

Loch Lurgainn

Winding road alongside Loch Lurgainn.

Slopes of Stac Pollaidh

The steep slopes of Stac Pollaidh.


Picturesque scenery from road.

Photo 3 770

Biker enjoying the views.


The sandy bay at Achnahaird.


Approaching Achiltibuie.


The village of Achiltibuie (Scottish Gaelic Language – Achd Ille Bhuidhe or Field of the yellow-haired boy)


Time to go, reluctantly heading home after some lunch.


Heading back towards Ullapool.


The long road home and weather still perfect.


The sun beginning to set as I travel through Perthshire.

I can’t recommend this trip highly enough if you’re ever up near Ullapool. It’s an area I am definitely looking forward to visiting again in the near future and spending a lot more quality time exploring. Thanks for viewing.

Until next time, cheers!

*** Video clip from roadside at Loch Lurgainn looking down towards Stac Pollaidh ***